Academic collaborationS

While our main focus is developing saRNA therapeutics, our platform technology is broadly applicable across life sciences. In particular, RNAa technology has been used by many academic groups as a tool for studying gene function and reprogramming cell fate. With an ever-growing library of potent saRNAs discovered at Ractigen Therapeutics for numerous human and mouse genes, we are interested in research collaborations with research institutions and hospitals to use these saRNAs to study functional genomics and perform proof-of-concept testing for a wide variety of disease models and to further elucidate the mechanism of action of RNAa. We welcome inquiries regarding potential opportunities for collaboration.

Industrial partnerships

At Ractigen Therapeutics, we are committed to discovering, developing and commercializing RNAa-based therapeutics which represent a new modality to treat disease with high unmet medical needs. With our unique saRNA discovery and development platform technology, we have many development opportunities at hand. We seek alliances and strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and welcome inquiries regarding such opportunities. If you are interested, please use this form to contact us.